Friday, 1 September 2017

Star dome

Before we went on the bus we sang a song called little Einsteins it was girls vs boys.After that we went on the bus. It was filled with Pt England children and filled with noise. It took a bit long to get to the star dome while we were waiting me and Kharizma played hand games. We  learned about our solar system and how the gravitational  pull works and how the earth is moving. We also learnt how far planets are from the sun. We also had a quiz on iPad our team was called Jupiter we got all of the answers right Neptune and Jupiter were the winners. On the park my favourite part was the flying fox it was scary at the end because when you reach the end it slams and pounce up. I went back up it was fun. My second favourite part was the train I get to go on it and push it it was the best ride ever.After the star dome we headed back to point England school. We went back using the bus. It was fun looking out the window I saw heaps of people in cars and waking with their pets. When I put my chin on the seat frame it started to shake, but it was relaxing. When we got back to point England we went back to our class. I enjoyed the trip at the star dome.

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