Thursday, 19 October 2017

Musical Madness

This morning, We silently I heard the instruments I stepped in the hall with our hands behind our backs. When we went in the hall there was crazy music playing really loud I felt excited.Then we sat down then then the assembly started.

Mr Burt , Mrs Nua, Mr J, Mr Wiseman and Mr Somerville walked up on the stage they sang a song called Musical Madness, Mr burt was playing a guitar Mrs Nua was playing a tambourine Mr J was playing a trumpet
Mr Wiseman was playing a rock n roll guitar and Mr Somerville was playing a drum kit. After the song each team shared their item with us,
 about feeling different emotions by music, team 2 was about making there own music, team 3 was about telling a story using music to talk,team 4 was about playing music in their car and team five was about watching the lion king and change the music.

Last was team five it was about watching the lion king but changing different songs after team fives item we walked out of the hall. My favorite part of team one was when they change music and they feel emotions.

Thursday, 28 September 2017

Duffy books

Thank you wonderful people for sending these beautiful books. without these books we will learn nothing just playing games and sitting down and eating junk.But with these books we will learn heaps and be smart.

Wednesday, 27 September 2017


                                                          This is my drawing for my comic.

flounder recount

Today we went to see flounder caught by The Pt England students we went to the point England  beach.We went away from Pt England school we went past house's and cars when we got there I was excited the students was holding the net as hard as they can while the students was catching flounder.

 We were singing heaps of waiata's with Miss fire safe to the the fish so we have luck to catch flounder with the net. after singing to the flounder we just watched the students catching flounder for a little while.The students was pulling the net through the water.

Then Mr Burt said "we are going to head back to Pt England school in a straight line" when we got there  Mr Burt said "take off your shoes and put them under the sets before you go inside your class"then we went back to class and took our shoes of and put them under the sets.

Friday, 22 September 2017

My magic number

                             This is my magic number three hundred and eighty one.

My Rocket

Screenshot 2017-09-18 at 10.26.40.png

My rocket has red wings and a yellow and orange body with sea threw light blue octagons. It also has a space helmet. It even has a green and black engine the helmet also has dark blue and light blue stripes.

When I finished designing my rocket I launch my rocket it had a countdown 3,2,1 after the count down my rocket started rumbling, then it blast off in the sky. My rocket flew as fast as a lightning dash. My rocket was as nosiey as a digger then we went in space there were heaps of stars in space.
My trip was going to a planet called candy land when I landed on candy land I opened the door and put my feet on the surface the surface felt bumpy the service was candy floss! I bended down and
quickly took my space helmet off and got some candy when I ate the candy floss it tasted like strawberry.

The trees was lollie pops and the rain was strawberry with chocolate.  When I explored I heard the ground shaking it got louder and louder and louder there was a enormous gingerbread man he was anger because he thought I was going to eat him but before he was going to crash me to death I said to him “I’m not going to eat you you are too big” the gingerbread stopped.The gingerbread man said “my name is Ginger” I said to ginger “can you help me get back to my rocket” Ginger said “yes” back to my rocket I went back to earth when I landed on earth the people was still there and the had heaps of questions.’


Name: Julianna

School:Pt England school
Address: 130 Pt England Rd, Pt England, Auckland 1072, New Zealand
Date: 03/08/17

Dear Jacquise       

Hi my name is Julianna and I’m writing a letter to you because I want to learn more about you and I’m so excited to be your pal. Then when we get to know each other we called be friends I hope you enjoy looking what I said to you.

My favourite pet is a pug. What pet do you like? Do you even know what's a pug. It's so little and it is cute it can even fit in a cup.  

I have a friend her name is Kharizma and whenever we get into a fight we are still best friends. Our school is called Pt England school.Is your school big? What do you do in your class? Do you like art because I do. Do you like your school? Do you have chromebooks? Do you get to watch shows in the hall? Do you like netball?

My topic is guardian of the galaxy. That means we are learning about our solar system and other planets.     

Thank you for reading my letter I hope we get to know each other really well.

Love Julianna.
Copy of Julianna.jpeg
download (3).png
This is a photo of me outside smiling the background looks like a tree with creatures on it.
These pictures are drawn by me it is so cool the one on the left is a flower and the right one is about a rocket and a alien.