Wednesday, 21 June 2017

the two evil bunnies

Start writing here:There was a beautiful city named England. There was a little boy called Zac he was horrid. He found two little bunnies. He gave them special food then they turned into huge wicked rabbits they smashed everyone's homes and they stomped their big feet on the cars. People ran and screamed for help but no one was there everyone felt terrified then a dog came and bit the two huge bunnies feet suddenly the two bunnies squeaked really loud and popped! They were never seen again. a few years ago Zac found an ester egg it was so colourful it took him into space.

Friday, 16 June 2017

Tamarereti and the taniwha

A long time ago under the pitch black sky there were no lights because there were no stars. There was a green and sharp teethed taniwha in a lake. Everyone did not go in the lake because they all were scared and they also  knew that there was a taniwha.

One day there was a boy called Tamarereti he looked in his kete it was empty his belly was starving so he decided to go fishing he caught three large fish then the wind dropped so he slept and waited. Then his waka beached on the far side he woke up. He knew that he was in trouble he also knew the taniwha would come and eat him.

He was hungry so he cooked the three large fish he caught with a fire while he was cooking he thought. Then he had a idea he saw many shiny pebbles on the ground so he picked up as many as he can. He put the pebbles in his waka.

He threw all of the shiny pebbles into the dark sky his plan worked there were heaps of stars. Then the taniwha was scared by all of the lights. The taniwha never returned again and Tamarereti could cross home safely.

When he got home ranginui was there. Tamarereti knew he was in big trouble but then Rangui said “thank you for making the sky look more beautiful and thank you for keeping your village safe.” Tamarereti always looked up at the stars to remember he put them there.

Thursday, 15 June 2017

My new fidget spinners

On Sunday after the doctors I went to the shop to buy a toy. My mum and dad bought me two cool fidget spinners. One was gold and the other one was blue. But Kris still has more then me because he all ready bought two fidget spinners before me. One was dark blue and one was gold. 

My ones are the coolest for sure.

Friday, 26 May 2017

Add and Subtracting

       today we are learning how to Add and Subtracting

paper planes

On Monday after lunch Miss Davis gave us a piece of  paper. She said “we will make paper planes” I was so excited. So the whole class of room 14 get to make planes. We are learning how high and far can our planes can go

I got my piece of paper and folded it after that I layed it out.  When I finished making my plane I felt very nervous because Miss Davis said “we are going to have a challenge outside” each group had a turn when it was my turn I stood up and throw my Plane and gave it the force of the thrust you are giving the thrust to your plane from throwing it the wing push the wind away and send it at the back.

The winners challenge each other kelly won so her name gets to be on the fake trophy. Just then Miss Davis said “you can play with your paper plane for a while” suddenly everybody started screaming! Also they started to run around with their plane.  

I felt very happy because we had fun.

Friday, 19 May 2017