Wednesday, 27 September 2017

flounder recount

Today we went to see flounder caught by The Pt England students we went to the point England  beach.We went away from Pt England school we went past house's and cars when we got there I was excited the students was holding the net as hard as they can while the students was catching flounder.

 We were singing heaps of waiata's with Miss fire safe to the the fish so we have luck to catch flounder with the net. after singing to the flounder we just watched the students catching flounder for a little while.The students was pulling the net through the water.

Then Mr Burt said "we are going to head back to Pt England school in a straight line" when we got there  Mr Burt said "take off your shoes and put them under the sets before you go inside your class"then we went back to class and took our shoes of and put them under the sets.

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