Monday, 29 October 2018

Area and perimeter

Area and Perimeter

Find the area and perimeter of these shapes

What is the area? 15

What is the perimeter?16
What is the area? 12

What is the perimeter?12
What is the area? 4

What is the perimeter?4
What is the area? 10

What is the perimeter?10

Task two

Wednesday, 24 October 2018


Excitedly I spun the skipping rope and set off first. Today we went outside to play with skipping ropes. I jumped 2 times then ran with my skipping rope. Once I got to the last cone I swapped my skipping rope with a other one. I skipped five times got my old rope from before and sprinted back to the line. After everyone had a turn the green team swapped with blue and blue joined what we were doing. Green went to Miss King and the other teachers Miss Duder Miss Scanlan and Miss Shanaia. They were using two people to spin a long rope then people had to ran in and jump. Mr Moran had to explain the rules to blue. Finally we started. While I was waiting for my turn I cheered my team on in my mind. When it was my turn I jumped as fast as i could then I bolted with my skipping rope. Next I swapped my skipping rope as fast as could and skipped 5 times and zoomed back to the line finally we swapped with green and went to the other teachers. I went in line for my turn. Once it was my turn the two teachers  spun the rope. I tried running in but it did not work so I tried again the second time I did it I got up to twenty six jumps. After heaps of jumping it was the last relay. We had to choose one boy and one girl in each team we chose TJ and keyana. Mr Moran said that the loudest cheering team gets 100 points. The game started. We were cheering as loud as we could when everyone finished we put our hands on our heads. Sadly we did not win the 100 points, but we had a great time anyway.