Thursday, 27 June 2019

Math task 3

                                              This is what we had to do for this math task.

Time's up!

                                               This is what I had to do for this task called times up!

Monday, 24 June 2019

Dimic blog post 1 week 9

                                             This is what we had to do for this dimic problem.

My animation about I like your latitude!!!

Hi my name is Julianna and this is my animation about I like your latitude! I hope you enjoy.

Friday, 21 June 2019

Week 8 task 2

                                             This is what we had to do for this weeks task.

Week 8 problem 1

For this task we had to mark where the light house, radio transmitter and the top of mt marama.

Wednesday, 19 June 2019

Dimic blog post 2 week 8

                                                This is what we had to do for this weeks math task.

Treasure hunt

Image result for treasure mapsFrom room 10 you need to walk out of the single door then you need to go north. You will notice that you are walking on the courtyard stop until you see red double doors on your left go to them and open them. You should see colourful artwork on the walls. Turn right and keep on walking forward until you see the end of the hallway. There will be three doors next to the end of the hallway. Go through the third door and you will have reached your destination.

Tuesday, 18 June 2019

Math task 2 week 7

For this math task we have to write where the dinosaur is going in different ways then we have to make a copy and make one for your classmate to find out.


For this maths task we had to find out how much longer and shorter is the... compared to...

Dimic blog post 1 week 6

Dimic blog post 1 week 8

For this task you have to find out where the light house,radio transmitter and the top of mt Marmara is and mark where it is.

Sentence types

For this writing task we had to make three types of sentences. Complex Sentence, Compound Sentence and simple Sentence.

Saturday, 15 June 2019

The Under Dogs

The Under Dogs

On a nice sunny day there lived a boy called James. James heard banging every night he got sick of it so he stayed up one night and went outside. James first got prepared before he goes outside he brought a flashlight, teddy and a camera incase he finds something cool. James went outside then he heard a big THUMP! He jumped in shock and ran back to his house.

James started to think it was a bad idea to go outside but he still went. As he tippy toed around he was squeezing his teddy as hard as he could suddenly James noticed the beautiful stars in the sky that’s when James calmed down

BOOM!!!!! James ran he was terrified he ran around looking where he should go. Ahhh!! James fell into a deep hole Ahhhh!! James could see that the hole was about to end. Uh oh James thought when the hole ends he’s going to hit his bum on the floor which he did. Awww! my bum that hurt James paused for a moment. He saw dog prints on the hard mud wall. James was confused he stood up from the ground and swept off the dust on him.

James saw two tunnels and said “come on really I don't like options why me!” James hoped for the best and went to the tunnel on the right. James finally reached two the end and there was another room. The room was filled with dogs they were digging.

When they noticed James they started howling then suddenly two dogs came up too James and lead him somewhere. James had no idea where he was going but he just followed. They ended up going to another dog. He looked like the oldest out of all of the other dogs. James thought that he might be their leader.

The other two dogs left as the old dog opened his mouth James fainted. The oldest dog said “oops hehe I forgot humans don’t know what dog type we are and that we could talk”. The oldest dog jumped on James three times, suddenly James woke up. The oldest dog said “hi my name is Kae. James backed up as far as he could and said “don’t eat me please I’m not tasty. Everything went quiet Kae started to burst out laughing Haha Hahahahaha! “I’m not going to eat you none of us are” “really” James replied.

James stood up and said "wow! that is amazing that you can talk can I take a photo of you all?" Sure said Kae "cheese" said James *click* thx no problem you can come back anytime said Kae. Every dog started to howl what are you doing? James asked. "This is how we send people back up where you came from it is magic said Kae. James appeared back home and went back to sleep from now on James met the dogs every night. The end

Friday, 14 June 2019

Pirate Island task

For this task you have to follow the maps task then create your own instructions for your partner. My partner was Cherish.
Cherish following my instructions l

Wednesday, 12 June 2019

The most dangerous writing!

This is a some writing I did on a site called...

There was a ant called Broady. He was a strong ant. His biggest challenge was to left 50 leaves at once. People sometimes call him Strongo. He had won 100 contests he is going to have one more challenge then he will retire.

Broad's last challenger is Stone Strong he is another Strong ant. Broady met Ster strong at a

A man went to explore Antarctica to take  some photos.
He was walking around and searched high and low but he found nothing. He threw his camera on the ground and shouted "Why!. He sat down and started sulking. Next he stood up. Suddenly he slept  the ice slid him all the way to a ice cave. The man said "Wow!. He saw a big wall of ice and in that freezing ice was a Mammoth. He quickly put his hand in his pocket to get his camera. But it was not there He was so angry he remembered that he threw his camera away.

Tuesday, 11 June 2019

33 dog types

     I love dogs so I decided to make a slide of 33 dog types.

40 hour famine

We do 40 hour famine to support and help kids and family's in south Sudan. We also get sponsors to raise to south Sudan. I raised $80. 

As I arrived at pt England I got my stuff and put it all in the library. Then I got my bed ready. As I was getting my things ready other people started to arrive. A few minutes later everyone was here. 

We all went to the hall to play with the sports gear. I got a huge pink bouncy ball. Then we played doge ball. A while later it was time to put all of the balls back to where they were then sit on the floor and listen to my mum (Aka the teacher).

We were told that we were going to go into our groups and practice our dance. The blue team practiced in the hall. The yellow team practiced in the staff room. The red team practiced in the library and last the green team practised in the ICT. Next all teams went to practice. Our team was yellow. our song was called yellow because our team was yellow. 30 mins later everyone had to meet in the hall to dance. 

First we had to figure out which team was going first. We did a rock paper scissors challenge. At the end I won so I got to choose who goes first. First it was blue second was team red next was green last was yellow.

 After our items we got to have a 10 minute break we could get a drink and then start playing with the sports equipment. After we could all go relax in the library or go in the ICT I went in the ICT room. 

After about 20 minutes some of us went in the staff and watched hotel Transylvania and some went in the library to relax. after the movie I got changed into my pj's then went to sleep on my pumped bed. In the morning everyone got up and put everything away. After people came to pick up their kids.

Degrees in a circle

                                  For this task I had to figure out what are the degrees in a circle.

Baboon pool party

Related image

Yesterday morning I woke up at six because I heard strange noises. I went to check my pool because that is where I heard the sounds. I looked but there was nothing. I saw some

footprints and there was also water on the side of the deck.
I was shocked I was thinking that it was my neighbours using my pool. I was curious who it was so I got a camera so I can find out who it was.

The next day I went quickly to the camera. I checked the footage after watching the whole video I was shocked. “It was BABOONS! I yelled.Suddenly I heard Noises. I ran to the pool it was baboons I ran back inside. It looked like the baboons were having a baboon pool party. I quickly got my camera and took a video. Once I came outside the baboons were running.

Monday, 10 June 2019

Instructional Writing

From the front of the school go north until you see a little hallway that leads to a office. Next you want to turn right walk straight then you will see a room that says sick bay.

To get to the library you need to walk forward once you reach a office turn left you will then see two big doors that is the library.

To get to the ICT room you need to go north then you should see a office go west go through the single door not the double doors then keep on going north until you reach the second door that is the ICT.
To get to the Maker space room you need to walk forward then turn left go forward until you pass two rooms in the hallway the third room is maker space.
To reach the block’s courtyard you need to go forward until you see a office turn left go through the single door then go forward until you see red double doors open them and go outside then you will see the courtyard.

Tuesday, 4 June 2019

Dimic blog post 2 week 6

For this task we have to find out how many turns are in 2070 degrees in fractions. My group standed up and explained how we got our answer. My groups answer was 5 turns and 3 quarters.