Friday, 31 May 2019

Conversion Task Week 2

                                               This is my conversion Task for week 2.

Maths task 1

For this maths task I have to compare lines and see how longer it is then the other or how shorter is it then the other

Dimic blog post 1 week 3 term 2

                                  This is what I had to  do for our dimic blog post 1 for week 3.


Once upon a time there lived a man called Tenit and a dog called Milo. On a nice sunny day at Sandy beach Tenit went to go surfing with his dog Milo. Milo did not want to go surfing so Tenit left Milo on the beach so he can surf by himself. Milo was just watching him surf.

A few minutes later suddenly Milo heard a huge SPLASH!! It was Tenit he fell off the surfboard Tenit was yelling for help.

Milo jumped into action and borrowed a small surfboard and surfed to Tenit as fast as he could.

Once he reached him he dived into the water. as he was trying to get closer to Tenit the waves were splashing onto his face Milo used his teeth to get grip on his T shirt and swam back to the surface.

Milo dragged him onto the sand and started jumping on his chest to try get him to wake up.
Finally Tenit started to move he opened his eyes and got up. When Tinit saw that Milo saved him he paused in amazement. Tenit was so thankful and surprised about Milo. From now on tenit Called Milo the dog lifeguard.

Direction, Orientation and Angles

   This is my Direction, Orientation and Angle task for maths.

The hidden temple

One day I went to explore this hidden temple at the jungle. When I went inside the temple I saw a lime swamp there were chunks of rocks inside moss was even growing on the stone wall and I saw a huge dusty tree.

I could smell a horrible stench when I walk near the lime swamp it smells like dirty socks mixed with boiled eggs.

I could hear the birds tweeting and the eco of their tweeting.
As I was walking around I was feeling stuff. I felt The solid stone walls and I felt carved symbols on the wall they looked enchanted.

I looked around the big tree. What I saw made me worried it was a shoe I was thinking maybe someone came here before and never made it out. So I sprinted out of the temple as fast as I could and never returned.

Harry's war

For this task we had to match sentences and we also had to do a video

Japan's fastest train

Have you ever got picked to test ride Japan’s fastest train well in this story my friend Kiarah and I got picked to ride Japan’s fastest train.

One day Kiarah and I got picked to ride Japan’s world's fastest train. Kiarah and I was so excited. The people that picked us said It’ll be tested on the line between the cities of Sendai and Aomori and that is where Kiarah and I headed off to.

Once we got there we took a look at the train. It looked like a bullet that has wheels. As Kiarah and I stepped in the train the doors closed behind us. Then Kiarah and I sat down next to each other.

The train driver said “if you want to stop then just tell me”.

The train started it was going so fast it was like the chair was a vacuum because it felt like the chair was sucking Kiarah and I to the chair. It also felt like we were in a real bullet.

When I took a look at the window all I could see was flashing lights. Not a while later Kiarah and I started feeling funny then we both started to get used to the fast train it did not even feel like we were in a train it kind of felt like we were flying in the sky in a plane.

later me and kiarah started feeling a bit sick so we decide to tell the driver to stop so we can get out and have some fresh air. As we exited the train me and Kiarah said “that was amazing! And then we said thank you to the people that gave us the opportunity to ride the train. We felt so pumped with energy and we wanted to go on again.

Monday, 27 May 2019

Monster measure

This is what I had to do for my maths task 2. I had to answer the questions then draw a monster.

Dimic blog post 1 week 4

For this task we had to make a healthy sandwich and measure it. After we got to eat it. That was my favourite part about this dimic maths task.

Dimic blog post 1 week 5

This was what we did for our dimic blog post 1. we needed to find out how many spins John did in fractions

Directions translated into Maori

Tuesday, 21 May 2019

Wednesday, 15 May 2019

Dimic blog post 2 week 3

This is what we learnt. Miss west distance is 1.5km. Miss Sio's distance is half of Miss Wests distance and Mrs Goodwin's distance is quarter of Miss west's distance.

Monday, 6 May 2019

Setting vocab task

CLICK HERE to see the video.

These are some descriptive words I wrote down from the video
Eastern side
Western side
Drenched in rain
Lush jungle
Wild life

Wednesday, 1 May 2019

8 directions

This shows 8 directions north, south, west, east, north west ,north east ,south west, south east.

Setting Description

On a cold windy night I saw a rusty old wooden house near a shore. I heard the wind whistling, creaking sounds, lightning and the waves.

I smelt burnt wood, the lightning must of hit the house. Once I walked inside I heard A BOOM! Behind me I quickly looked behind me and saw that lightning hit the ground that must mean no one should enter this old rusty house so I sprinted outside of the house.

I noticed that the spot where the lightning strikes had writing on the ground it said never enter this old house again or else.

Dimic blog post 1 term 2

This week we learnt about measurement because our Korero for this week is I like your latitude.