Friday, 8 September 2017


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Name: Julianna
Class: 14

School: Pt england
Address: 130 Pt England Rd, Pt England, Auckland 1072, New Zealand
Date: 6/9/17

Dear Jacquise,

I'm 8 years old and we do have a library in our  school. And I don't have a pet yet I just want to get a pug if you did not know but a pug is a dog.

I have seen Harold too he is soft have you seen the part of Harold's friend? His name is Billy he went to another school he was sad because people looked at him they were mad and I haven't had a talent show before but it sounds fun. I do know what NED stands for because he came to my school N stands for never give up and E stands for encourage others and D stands for do your best have you been in a punctuation before?

Do you know what's a  punctuation if you don't I can tell you what is a  punctuation a punctuation is when you sign a paper then one day they will tell the people who signed up for the  punctuation to go in the hall and they will put on songs and the people have to dance and teachers look around for kids that has skills and.

I got picked I was so excited and my friends got picked they were Gabby,Kharizma,Hendrix,Keyana it was fun dancing together we also had a disco in our hall have you had a disco in your hall? with the light ball.I went to the city with my friends to go to a show called romeo and juliet we went to the city by going in a bus. In the bus there was a Tv,certains,bathroom,radio,fans and set belts.

When we got there we had to walk down and go into this building when we got in we had to sit down and wait little while we stand up and went in the theatre it was packed with other schools. It took a little while then this lady was  the stage she was the director for the  royal show  they dance together and they kissed. Me and my friend Angelica was laughing.

Thank you for reading my letter.
From Julianna

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