Sunday, 16 July 2017

WLJ Day 2

I like Rangitoto Island because I liked the ferry trip to the Island. When you get there you can go on a bush walk and see lots of native birds and plants. When you go to the top of the volcano you can see a beautiful view.

Interview with Laura (The youngest person to sail around the world)

1. Did you miss your parents?
2. Did you enjoy sailing all around the world?
3. Did you feel lonely?
4. What was your most exciting part of the trip?
5. How long did the journey take you?

Interview with my brother (5 favourite things to do outdoors)

1. Swimming
2. Kicking a ball
3. Playing with nerf guns (a nerf arsenal? this is what he said)
4. tackling my brother
5. boxing


  1. Hi Julianna,
    I think Rangitoto is beautiful. I have not been there since I was about your age. I remember going there with my class and walking all the way to the top. It was a very tiring walk but well worth it for the amazing views. I really like the questions that you have written for Laura. It must have been very challenging to sail around the world. Have you ever been sailing?
    From Miss Davis

    1. Hi Miss Davis

      I have never sailed before. I want to go sailing one day but my mum and dad say no.

  2. Kia ora Julianna (and Miss Davis),

    Like you, I also love Rangitoto and have many special memories of trips that our family has made to the island. In my first year in New Zealand our family went to Rangitoto for a hike on Boxing Day (December 26th). We had only been in the country for two days and I still remember the excitement that I felt when we boarded the ferry and went across the water to the base of the volcano. I can also remember being slightly worried that the volcano might erupt when we were walking. It was a silly thing to worry about but I had never walked on a real volcano before! Have you gone for walks on any of the volcanoes around Auckland, Julianna? I often go for walks up Mt Eden and Mt Wellington (both of which are volcanoes)...

    I hope that you'll continue to blog with us over the next week. We love reading your posts! I can see from Day #2, that your brother is a really active boy. My son, Aronui, is also a very active guy. He loves to kick a ball around, shoot hoops, box and swim. In fact, he went swimming at the pool in Mt Albert today with some of his friends. He loved it!

    Hope to see you online again soon :)


  3. Hi Rachel I have walked on a volcano before. I walked up mount wellington at night and we saw heaps of lights. after I reply to people I am going to blog about it.