Wednesday, 5 July 2017

fairy bread

Last thursday room 14 made something yummy we made fairy bread. We are making fairy bread for matariki. First I

I felt marvelous After morning tea Miss Davis gave everyone one glove each and a plate next  Miss davis handed out bread then she gave butter to each group at a time. It was slimy  After a while we sprinkled some matariki stars.

After that miss davis gave star stapes  to shape it into a star my favourite part was eating it.It was delish I wish I made some more again for my belly next year I bet it would be more delish next time for sure.

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  1. Hi Julianna,

    I see that you have just registered for the Winter Learning Journey programme and I am so excited! I was hoping that you would join us again this year!!

    Please check out all of the activities on the 'Weekly Activities' tab and choose one that interests you. There are 21 in total.

    I can't wait to read your blogs, post comments and award you points as you make your way through the programme.

    Let the journey begin!