Friday, 17 March 2017

World's Smallest Dragon

The dragon is so cute I wish that was my baby pet I would call it lightning bolt. It has a hairy tail and it blows out fire. Its Wings are very soft and his

Claws are very tiny.First I would build my dragon a little house to live in and I will put little dragon food in the house. but if bolt does not want to sleep in his bed I will put him in my bed.Next I will play a game called hide and seek with lightning bolt.I will be the seeker and lightning bolt will be the hider and there is no way I can find bolt because he is so tiny but it would be cool if I can fly.

1 comment:

  1. Hi Julianna it's me your friend Kiarah.
    That's so cool that you want to fly and plus I want to fly to some day. I love your picture because the dragon is so cute and you have added a lot of detail, your writing is great and I love it but you can do better than that! Just joking ha ha ha.
    From kiarah.