Friday, 24 March 2017

Swimming Recount

                                                     Swimming Recount

As we lined up in two lines I was terrified because I did not like to change in the outside toilet. When we finished getting change we packed up our stuff and put it in our bags. Then we lined up in two lines outside.

First  we walked to the swimming pools in two lines again. Then Miss Davis opened the gate When we got to the  pools. we put our tarles on the seats and went for a shower.

Next when i jumped in the pool it felt relaxing. we learned how to float on our backs and holding our breath in the water.  Also we Streamline to a isIand and swim with our kickboards.

Finally we got out from the pool. we walked all the way to the classroom the boys have to change in the toilet’s and the girls have to change in the classroom when I got change I got a apple to ate then I went to a  pole and climbed it.


  1. Hi Julianna,

    This is a very good recount about going swimming. I can see you have highlighted the words that say what order you did things in. I particularly like the way you used the powerful word "terrified" in your first sentence. It is so much better than using the word "scared." Well done!

    From Ms Nalder

  2. thank you Ms Nalder for comment on my blog i miss you miss Nalder. did you know at swimming we swim with life jakites .