Saturday, 25 March 2017

Pasifika 2017

Today I went to Pasifika with my aunty and my mum. 

First we went in the car then we drove to Pasifika. It took way too long to get there. When we got there there were groups performing. Next we went down the path. There were heaps of food. I was like “mmm”.

I saw heaps of stalls. Some of the stalls had watermelon with ice cream, brownies, chop suey, and smoothies. my mum bought me a watermelon  ice cream. When I saw it my eyes opened wide and my mouth began to dribble. It was so delicious to eat and it looked gorgeous.


  1. I Love your bogi soso mait

  2. hi julianna i love your looks cool and did you love going to pasifila