Friday, 10 March 2017

Last week we got our bags and hats then we went to  the hall in one line. Next we sat down on the ground and Mr Brut started talking to us. Afterwards we lined up in two lines and walked outside, we walked to the pt england beach and I saw my  mum, she was walking with a video camera.  When we got to the pt england beach we sat  down on the wet grass.Next Mr Burt started to talking to us again. After  we set up where we can sit down and ate Miss davis said “you can go to the beach” we ran and screamed to the beach. I had fun making clay and  one sand castle. When I got in the water with my friend Kharizma it was freezing when I got in. Then we lined up in two lines again because Miss Davis said “line up into two lines” so we walk all the way back to room fourteen in two lines. When we left I felt mad because I wanted to stay for longer.


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  2. hi Julianna i like the way you put some nice words inside like. it was freezing i am going to writing every one of your writings and l like them so so much.From your best friend.