Friday, 1 June 2018

Zoo Trip

As I walked into the zoo with Keyana my body filled up with excitement. Once I took a step in the zoo Keyana and I started sprinting to the red panda place then Keyana and I waited suddenly a red panda popped out . Keyana and I was so shocked. Keyana and I went to our adult her name was Manu and we were also with Ema ,Ana,Vienna and Adriana.

We started walking around the zoo then we saw Zebra,emus and giraffes.after that we saw wallaby's,cheetahs and flamingos. I yelled out look a kangaroo but it was a wallaby. I have never seen a flamingo before so I was excited what was I going to see next I went to the glass to see the cheetahs.I looked but they were lying down and sleeping.

After looking at some animals we went to the meating area to have morning tea.when we got there Keanya pulled out my launch box. After I finished eating my morning tea I went to my group and started walking around for animals.

Meanwhile we went to the bug lab Inside bug lab there were heap of games. I had a turn playing every single game. My favourite game was this bee game. You have to rub the yellow square until the score board reaches up to success.

Then my group and I went outside with the whole entire class to sit on the ground and have lunch. I got my lunch box out of keyana's bag and started eating.after my group finished eating our adult Manu found a park so we went there. There were slides and a dragon statue.Manu wanted to take a photo of us on the dragon.

After we took a photo on the dragon we had to quickly get to our class so we don’t lose the bus. Manu said “we have to go to our class now” so my group got off the dragon and started running.when we arrived to the bus we got in and went back to Pt England school with our class.

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