Wednesday, 13 June 2018


In a far away valley there lived 7 sisters. The six older sisters made kites every year to celebrate the harvest. This year the lucky moment came for Matariki. Matariki, the youngest sister, was now old enough to join the 6 older sisters and make her own kite.

The oldest sister made her kite out of harakeke bush her kite was green. The second sister made kite out of raupo bush her kite was orange. The 3rd sister made her kite out of Manuka tree her kite was pink

The fourth sister made her kite out of puriri tree her kite was red. The 5th was blue the 6 was white and the youngest sister’s kite was rainbow.

The sisters all walked up the hill to fly their kites. there were no wind so the seven sisters tied there kites on a tree the they laid down and then started sleeping. Matariki woke up then saw no kites she was so sad that she started crying she woke up the 6 older sisters. Then Matariki stopped crying the oldest sister said to Matariki those are your stars.

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