Thursday, 7 June 2018


Have you ever made pikelets? Well my class and I made pikelets yesterday. Yesterday morning we the recipe for the pikelets. When we finished getting the whole recipe we started to make the mix.

We put all of the ingredients in the bowl and then started mixing. I got to cut the chocolate packet open. When the texture was ready we went outside to cook it.

Finally I got to have my pikelet with chocolate. I took my first bite but then I made a sour face it was too salty. Aye-Myat must have put too much salt. I was sad because my friends got the mix that had the right amount of salt and their one tasted better.

Then me and my friends made more pikelets. We sat down on the mat and Miss king our teacher came and gave us a second pikelet for helping, We said thank you and I felt happy because I got that second pikelet.

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