Friday, 4 August 2017

friendly letter

Dear pen pal,
Hi my name is Julianna and I’m writing a letter to you because I want to learn more about you and I’m so excited to be your pal and then when we get to know each other we called be friends I hope you enjoy looking what I said to you.

My favourite pet is a pug What pet do you like. Do you even know what's a pug. It's so little and it is cute it can even fit in a cup.
and I have a friend her name is Kharizma and whenever we get into a fight we are still best friends. And our school is called Pt England school.Is your school big.What do you do in your class do you like art because I do. Do you like your school.Do you have Chromebooks Do you get to watch shows in the hall. Do you like netball.My topic is guardian of the galaxy.    
Thank you for reading my letter I hope we get to know each other really well.

Love Julianna.

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