Friday, 21 December 2018

SLJ Week 1 Activity 1

Top 3 Fun Facts about NZ

1. There are 4.4 million New Zealanders living in NZ. There are four main groups of people - 69% European, 14.6% Maori, 9.2% Asian and 6.9% Pacific Islanders.

2. Bungy jumping was invented in New Zealand. Bungy jumping is when you jump off a bridge above water with a bungy rope tied onto your legs.

3. The Kea is the native bird of New Zealand. The Kea is a smart bird.



  1. Kia ora Julianna,

    It is wonderful to see that you are back with us for another great summer of blogging! We are really happy that you've joined us again. We're looking forward to reading your work and to providing comments on your posts. We are also looking forward to learning more about this amazing country that we call home (New Zealand).

    I have already learned new things about New Zealand from reading your first post. I didn't actually know what bungy jumping was invented in New Zealand. Did you know that before you posted your facts? I have to admit that I am a little bit scared of heights so I don't think that I would enjoy bungy jumping very much. What about you? Would you like to try bungy jumping one day?

    I hope that you'll have time to write back and that you will really enjoy the journey this summer.

    See you online again soon!


  2. Hi Rachel thank you for commenting on my blog. Actually bungy jumping was not invented in New Zealand but a man called AJ Hackett was the first man to make people pay to do bungy jumping.
    I don't think i would like bungy jumping but I would love to try it. From Julianna

    1. Hi Julianna,

      Thanks for writing me back and for correcting my mistake. I really appreciate it and will be sure to pass the information onto other people I am talking to this summer. It is pretty nerve-wracking thing to do (bungy jumping)! I have some friends coming to visit in February and they want to go down to the south island to try some of the adventure sports, like bungy jumping and jet boat racing. I think that they are also going to try some whitewater rafting. They're pretty adventurous! Would you describe yourself as adventurous? I like to adventure around the world but I also like to keep my feet pretty firmly on the ground and not go racing down rivers or racing up mountain sides!


  3. Hi Rachel

    thank you for commenting on my blog. yes I would describe myself as adventurous because I always like to try new thing out.

    1. Hi Juianna,

      Thanks for writing back and for answering my question. It is great to read that you are open to trying new things. I hope that you have the chance to adventure this year and to try out new things that are interesting and fun!

      I will look forward to seeing you at Pt England in February. Sophie will be coming to hand out certificates and prizes and I am hoping to come with her!

      Who will your teacher be this year? Do you know yet?

      Bye for now,
      Rachel :)