Saturday, 5 May 2018

My puppy Milo

Hi my name is Julianna and I have a great dog and his name is Milo. He is a really cool dog and he has black spots on him. He also has one black spot on his back leg. We went on a trip to get Milo up North a few weeks ago. We had to sleep at a hotel. Then the next day we went in the car and my Dad drove to the house to pick him up.

When we got there my brother Kris and I were so excited. After that we went to the Warehouse to get him some  dog food. We had to drive a long way to get home. When we got home my family had a vote to see what we should call him. My vote was Milo. I was so happy when we decided to name him Milo.

Kris and I played with him inside our house. When he came in our house he tried to jump on our couch but he couldn’t. Then a few minutes later Milo learnt how to jump onto the couch. Kris and I were so proud of him.

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