Thursday, 10 May 2018

My catapult


Have you ever wanted to make a catapult at school? Well I have the solution of how to make one. We learned about energy there are 3 Kinetic energy, Gravitational energy and potential energy.

First you need 6 pieces of popsicles sticks. Then you get 4 sticks and get some tape. You tape the 4 sticks together by just tapping the 2 edges on each side. After you get the 2 sticks and tape them together. Tape the to sticks until it looks like tweezers. Then you are done. Our teachers gave out one pom pom to each person that is in my class.

The war began.

My friends and I had a war.They were Kiarah,Keyana and Angelica. Kiarah was come toward me so I hided behind the couch. I had my pompom ready and aimed for kiarah I said ‘Fire!’ But I missed. Kiarah was getting closer to me, so I ran to another wall to defend myself. Everyone was going crazy.

When I just Ran to room 23 my teacher said “we are going to have a challenge you have to try shoot your pom pom in the square”. People had there turn then it was my turn I was so nervous I went up and got ready In my head I thought that I got this cause when we had free time my pom pom was flying far when I shot every where. My teacher said “3 2 1 Go”! I released my pompom I was so embarrassed cause my pom pom flew down to the starting line. The winners were Aaron and Jemaine.

The 3 energies that we were learning was Kinetic energy, Gravitational energy and potential energy. I felt extremely excited and puffed out. My favorite part was having free time playing with my catapult. It was super fun      

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