Monday, 22 January 2018

SLJ Week 2 Day 2

Activity 1: Popular Culture – The Silent Movie

Gold Rush: It was a movie that had a famous actor named Charlie Chaplin in it. Im not sure what this movie is about .I saw people at in the snow

The Lion's Cage

This is my favourite movie because it is funny. I saw Charlie Chaplin panicking and it was funny There was an lion in the cage sleeping  Charlie Chaplin tried to go into another cage but there was an tiger on the other side so he quickly took his head out then shut the little door then he accidentally bumped the box down and it fell off the shelf. Charlie Chaplin quickly caught it before it hit the ground and woke the tiger up.

Activity 2: Art Deco

I give this painting a rating of five stars. I like this painting because I like how it shines on the car. The shading is good too. I like how it looks real.


  1. Hey there Julianna!

    I am so happy to see that you have been blogging during your summer break. Well done and I hope you continue until school goes back. When do you go back?

    Thanks for sharing your honest opinion about the Charlie Chaplin film, The lion's Cage. I love the detail you have included when describing the trailer. Do you think you could sit through the whole film? Even without words! I am not sure if I could, I might get bored!
    What is your favourite movie? Have you seen Moana?

    I've also enjoyed reading your opinion of the painting in activity two. I like how you've spoken specifically about the light shining on the car. It's pretty impressive that the painter was able to paint it like that. It does look real, you are right! It almost feels like it's a photo and she's posing, don't you think?

    Do you like the colours that the artist has used?

    Thanks Julianna, what a brilliant post!

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  4. hi Julianna i loved your work and i miss the whole class and you and miss Davis and i just want to say the was a cool post and it is from kharizma.

  5. and Julianna i have moved put keep working hard like you always do from kharizma