Thursday, 19 October 2017

Musical Madness

This morning, We silently I heard the instruments I stepped in the hall with our hands behind our backs. When we went in the hall there was crazy music playing really loud I felt excited.Then we sat down then then the assembly started.

Mr Burt , Mrs Nua, Mr J, Mr Wiseman and Mr Somerville walked up on the stage they sang a song called Musical Madness, Mr burt was playing a guitar Mrs Nua was playing a tambourine Mr J was playing a trumpet
Mr Wiseman was playing a rock n roll guitar and Mr Somerville was playing a drum kit. After the song each team shared their item with us,
 about feeling different emotions by music, team 2 was about making there own music, team 3 was about telling a story using music to talk,team 4 was about playing music in their car and team five was about watching the lion king and change the music.

Last was team five it was about watching the lion king but changing different songs after team fives item we walked out of the hall. My favorite part of team one was when they change music and they feel emotions.

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