Thursday, 26 October 2017

Music Recount

This morning we sat down in a circle on the mat then Miss Davis washed records for us. Then she had them out when she gave it to me I felt excited. First we got to learn  how to make different sounds with the records. After learning about sounds we had one person to play their  record, then the other person, then the other person.

We got to have five minutes to play with the records and make sounds then we went back inside. Then Miss Davis said ”When I say your group you will play a C and walk to the bucket with water in a line after you put the record in the come back and sit on the mat.”

When Miss Davis said my group I went in the line and played it while I was waiting when everyone else blew into their records it sounded like a male rat screaming like a girl. Then I think it got a bit annoying then I put my record back into the bucket and went on the mat.I felt Interested in records because it plays different sounds when I learned that I was amazed.

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