Friday, 26 May 2017

paper planes

On Monday after lunch Miss Davis gave us a piece of  paper. She said “we will make paper planes” I was so excited. So the whole class of room 14 get to make planes. We are learning how high and far can our planes can go

I got my piece of paper and folded it after that I layed it out.  When I finished making my plane I felt very nervous because Miss Davis said “we are going to have a challenge outside” each group had a turn when it was my turn I stood up and throw my Plane and gave it the force of the thrust you are giving the thrust to your plane from throwing it the wing push the wind away and send it at the back.

The winners challenge each other kelly won so her name gets to be on the fake trophy. Just then Miss Davis said “you can play with your paper plane for a while” suddenly everybody started screaming! Also they started to run around with their plane.  

I felt very happy because we had fun.

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