Tuesday, 10 April 2018

Wheels and mufti day

Pt England had a special day because on Friday we had wheels and mufti day.wheels day is awesome because We get to bring any kind of vehicle that has wheels.we get to take our wheels outside when it is lunch.if we wear mufti we have to bring a gold coin to donate it to the year 8s.

I did not bring any wheels on wheels day but I imagined that I bring a cool wheels vehicle. My brother did bring wheels, he bring a scooter. At the back of it had a big wheel and the front had a small wheel. I was wearing a cool rainbow cat t-shirt licking a magic ice cream and it also had a tiara on its head. And my pants had purple lightning.

My friend Keyana gave me a turn to ride on her hover board. When I got a turn it was difficult to control it. When I first went on it I felt worried that I might fall off.
But Mele was holding my arms so I could balance on the hover board. I was happy that Mele came to help me.

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