Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Te Oro is so cool

At Te Oro there were baby frogs and dragon fly's on the stairs but they weren't real. there were pukeko's made out of fab break  and I saw some people in my family. so we went in the other door there was a huge dragon fly hanging on the sealing  when we went to the next room there were dial fins mad out of wryer also in there body's were rubbish they were showing that our dial fins were eating rubbish then we went outside and went in the bus when we arrived it was flooded.

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  1. Hi Julianna

    The Manaiakalani Exhibition at Te Oro was really cool wasn't it? I saw the dragonflies on the stairs too. Did you know that the Year ones made the pukeko's out of fabric? Their mural was amazing. I must have missed the display about the dolphins made out of wire. I hope that you learnt heaps when you were there. Well done for this post about your experience today.

    Mum xx