Tuesday, 20 September 2016

We all help

One day an girl called Julianna she was scating but she filled down then she broked her leg and she fall asleep. Few more days later an nother girl called Kharizma she sawed her so she called the ambulance then Julianna worked up she felt so worried what happened then her leg got better. At the end Juilanna won the game at scating park then they become friends.


  1. Hi julianna

    I am loving your story that you have made using your name and also your friends name. I love that you put your name in your own story. Your picture is very fascinating. Is that a monster trying to eat you? 🐱😀😦

  2. hi Julianna

    l like how you coloured and reading your story by Angelica

  3. hi Angelica for commenting me thank you from julianna